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No community copies? :(

Fight Item Run is a PbtA game inspired by old school video games like Legend of Zelda. The game is action-packed and at the same time allow you to explore the relationships of the characters. The video game style art is also amazing!

There does not seem to be a character sheet included in the PDF. In the table of contents it says the character sheet is on Page 113 but it is just blank :/

Thanks for the heads up! I added the character sheet as a separate file, so that it can be easily downloaded. It should be form-fillable.

The Character Sheet still incorrect. I downloaded the pdf and the character sheet is still not in there. Also i don't see the separate file anywhere either.


It's available as a demo. Underneath the "Purchase" section on the main page, there's a section called "Download demo". The character sheet is available under that section.


Thanks for calling that out! I wanted to make it a free download so that players could easily snag it.