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About three weeks ago, I kicked off a new livestream project in which I read through my games (aloud), editing and offering commentary along the way. It's been fun to discuss my design process and ideas, as well as improve on the games themselves. I started with Housewarming, which you can watch here.

I used those editing notes to get to this new version of Housewarming, which is nearly four times longer than the original. There's more space spent on theme and intent, the core mechanic is better defined (and tweaked for balance), the gifts have example magical uses, there's a big list of leading questions to guide discoveries, and I've livened up the book with some lightly edited public domain paintings by Harriet Backer.

If you'd like to see another game get refreshed, or Housewarming get further improved, consider backing as an Update Champion. I'll spend a dedicated chunk of time editing and revising it.


Housewarming (PDF) 11 MB
Apr 19, 2022
Housewarming (Text Only) 1 MB
Apr 19, 2022

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