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This is a special, limited time bundles of old, weird, rare, or outdated games, concepts, and skeletons from Whimsy Machine and my previous life as a doomed board game designer.

This unorthodox, largely unplayable, and frankly embarrassing collection is a key incentive for my Dirty Laundry Sale, which is helping me afford a new washer/dryer after mine broke.

For every $100 raised on the sale, I'll add another thing to this collection—and they'll only get weirder from here. I'm talking board game prototypes previously under NDAs, campaign notes from games never run, essays I thought it'd be a good idea to write, experimental audio projects. And even more!

Contents currently include:

  • What See You Off Yonder: a weird little board game from a 2017 game jam
  • Stories from Stichomancy: an essay type thing on writing campaigns
  • The Grand Adventures of Tiny Ethan: a 200 word RPG
  • Something Like Bucko: another 200 word RPG
  • Deep Dark Deathlike: a horror ttrpg I'm actually really proud of but has been mostly unpublished until I can revise it, specifically to include safety tools.
  • Avatar, Baby!: a little ttrpg I made at the same time as Substratum, Laser Beams Like So Many Stars, and Phantasticine. I don't really know why I never published it.
  • A Bouquet of Swords: a concept for a ttrpg based on the art of Emily Cheeseman and Kate Sheridan. This would later inspire Heartbearers.
  • Mage Tower: a (very rough) pitch I made in my board-game-maker-for-a-company days.
  • Inktober RPG: For legal reasons, this game is not called "Inktober." It's called something else. A lot of cool concepts in a very unfinished game.
  • Metal RPG: a concept for a ttrpg inspired by metal music, originally intended to be a licensed game back when I worked on licensed products.
  • Color & Light: a ttrpg I made as a commission before I realized how important contracts are for stuff like this.


Buy Now$40.00 USD or more

In order to download this pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $40 USD. You will get access to the following files:

What-See-You-Off-Yonder.pdf 4.1 MB
Stories from Stichomancy.pdf 123 kB
The Grand Adventures of Tiny Ethan.pdf 42 kB
Something Like Bucko.pdf 52 kB
WMG_DeepDarkDeathlike.pdf 13 MB
AvatarBaby_web.pdf 95 kB
A Bouquet of Swords.pdf 113 kB
MTower_Pitch.pdf 2.4 MB
WhimsyMachine_InktoberRPG.pdf 194 kB
Metal RPG.pdf 67 kB
Color&LightRPG_v3.pdf 126 kB
How to Make a Board Game.pdf 60 kB

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