Beta Update 1.1

Small update to version 1.1: 

  • Arcane Magic: Added reference to lore.
  • Added linked Table of Contents
  • Innate Abilities can now to be Strengthened to second and then third level, increasing the bonus for major uses to +2 and +3 respectively.

The final version will have some examples for Arcane Magic, but these are a low priority for now. They're positioned more as narrative elements than powers on a character sheet. I want to make sure that's communicated in their design and that the core powers (Innate and Signature) are more solid first. Along those lines, Innate Abilities can now be upgraded for an increasing modifier for Major Uses. I wouldn't mind exploring more nuance to the advancement system, but I don't yet want to risk getting them too complicated.


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Feb 04, 2022
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Feb 04, 2022

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